Since 2000, we have been successfully doing business in the agri-food sector.

The main area of ​​our activities is the buying and selling of agricultural and fodder crops, oilseeds, legumes, butterflies and exotic plants. We also sell grains for use as intercrops. Our offer is addressed to the wholesale and retail customers.

Thanks to permanent cooperation with multiple partners we constanly improving our products. To adapt to the requirements of customers we constatly develop our machinery and storage areas. We have modern car fleet.
The desire for further development of our company resulted in the creation of our own high-quality feed line for pigeons, exotic birds and rodents. Our priority was to create perfectly balanced blends to meet all animal needs. Consistent quality policy and repetition of the party have made that our fodders are highly respected among breeders.

We are a company trustworthy and open to friendly and honest cooperation.